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There's a part of the mind that you don't hear a lot about. It's what some people call "instincts" or that "gut feeling" when you're making a decision. Our secret: we know what natural strengths — instincts — you were born with, and how you can use those instincts to be the most productive, stress-free version of yourself. 

Kolbe measures your instinctive way of doing things and the Result is called your MO (method of operation). It is the only validated assessment that measures a person's conative strengths. It gives you greater understanding of your own human nature and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential 

How do you take


"When I took the Kolbe A and read the results, I cried. After 40 years of feeling like a fraud, Kolbe described me! I have not looked back since."

- Tony Rose, Legacy Wealth Coach®

You'll discover the freedom to be yourself and to stop doing things that don't work for you.

You'll learn how to focus your time and energy to be more productive and achieve your goals.

The 4-number Kolbe A result will direct you toward more effective communication, career choices and study habits.

Relationships with loved ones and co-workers will start to feel more natural because you'll learn to trust your instincts instead of trying to change each other.

Here's why you should take the 36-question Kolbe A Index:




"The Kolbe A affected my life in a humongous way! It facilitated a career change. I have Kolbe As on friends. I have Kolbe As on Family. I'm doing what I'm doing today because of Kolbe Corp, because of Kathy Kolbe, because of Kolbe Wisdom, because of the Kolbe A."

Jason Cupp

Growth Consultant

Independent research shows that even after 25 years, changes in your Kolbe results are statistically insignificant — meaning you're born with a natural way of doing things. If You've been living your whole life without knowing about the strengths you were born with, you're missing out!

Results don't change: You are who you are


- Michael Roby

"Kolbe not only gave me the freedom to be myself, but it empowered me to be my true self, to be obstinate, to not allow fear and doubt and insecurities stand in my way."

Alexandra Abadia

"The biggest gain is the increase in my self esteem, knowing that my way was the best for me and that I have to stop living the life others expect me to."

Joop Stroes

"Until I saw the Kolbe and learned about it, I thought there was something wrong with me! "

Colleen Hallinan

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Our mission: to help people succeed by having the Freedom to Be Themselves. Let us know how we can help you.

"The day I got my Kolbe results was one of the most liberating days of my life. My productivity shot through the roof!"

Dan Sullivan

Founder, Strategic Coach

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