Activate Your A

Congratulations! You got your Kolbe A™ Index Result and are on the way to discovering what makes you - YOU.

What’s next? That’s the top question we get from people who get their Kolbe A Result and below are some options for you! 

Take the Course

Complete the Checklist

Answer your burning questions about Kolbe Strengths™ and how to use your instincts at work and at home. This easy but informative course breaks down the 3 parts of the mind, the 3 C’s to success, and how your Kolbe result compares to some other assessments you’ve taken. It’s the best way to start using your instinctive strengths to get more done, more naturally!

It's not always enough to just know your strengths; sometimes you need to activate your Kolbe A™ result to get the most out of your instincts! Click to download a list of steps you can take immediately to put your natural strengths to good use.

Kolbe Debrief Call

Book a call with one of our Account Managers. They'll be able to break down your strengths, provide some valuable insights, and guide the next steps for improved performance in your business!


Get the most out of your Kolbe A™ Index. 

This workbook is a powerful companion to the Kolbe A™ Index, and available for purchase on Amazon.

Kathy Kolbe's definition of success is the freedom to be yourself, and this workbook is designed to help guide your journey to success. 

You'll learn how to identify and reduce stress, boost your productivity, and communicate better with others.


  • A deeper dive into the Kolbe A Index and how to use Kolbe solutions in various aspects of your life.

  • 20+ unique activities to enhance your understanding and appreciation of instinctive strengths.

  • Detailed examples and insights into individual strengths and Kolbe applications.


This useful guide will change the way you use your instincts and how you collaborate with others.

Use it on your own, to better understand your natural strengths, or purchase multiple copies and start a book club to learn more about your entire team.

For best results, partner with a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant who can help coach you through the activities.

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With your Kolbe A™ Index results, you have 4 numbers that can change your business and your personal life...but only if you’re using them effectively.  This workshop is the answer to a more productive year.

Here’s what you’ll learn at the workshop:

  • Strategies for having more productive, stress-free days
  • Ways to run effective meetings and launch projects that get finished on time
  • How to communicate effectively with your people based on their natural instincts for getting things done
  • How to have the freedom to be yourself at work and in your relationships


The Takes Two custom relationship guide offers a fun, practical way to a better relationship.

Takes Two for couples will tell you:

  • How to trust your instincts, instead of trying to fix each other 
  • How to avoid stress over simple things like vacations and chores 
  • Practical tips for defusing conflict before it blows up a relationship 

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